Portrait Illustrations for Leetina

Portrait Illustrations for leetina


Connect & Discover

digital portrait illustration

Leetina is an amazing mum of two beautiful girls, a healer that focuses on helping Indigenous people in their journeys and a team member of Dept. Of Communities and Justice. We met through mutual connections. Due to her vibrant and upbeat personality, Leetina and Leticia clicked right away! Upon knowing that Leticia is into art, she opened up about getting someone to help her with an idea.

Gather & Create

Leticia learned that Leetina wanted to have an artwork done up of a very close loved ones whom has passed, whom she loved dearly. Both inspired by old photos, to help share a moment and memory in time for her daughters to have as a keep safe gift. It was an honour to bring both of these digital portraits to life in a flat style illustration style.

Share & Embrace

Leticia is always grateful for the friendship she have made with Leetina. She has continued to show her support for Leticia from the moment she started as a graphic designer up until now. Leticia owe it so much to her that Leticia was able to gather projects from Dept of Communities and Justice through her referrals. She’s one of her amazing cheerleaders!

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