Freedom in the Journey


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Connect & Discover

I always find that when I plant myself out in nature, hands and feet on the dirt, that my mind, body and soul all realign. As the energy flows from the ground and into my body, I yet again become calm and collected. With that today came this precious little gem. To acknowledge the different journeys and paths we all are on and the stops we take along the way until we find our place to call home. Whether it’s in a town, with people or within ourselves.

Gather & Create

When I sat down and reflected as I connected with nature, this piece came along so freely. I was able to complete this artwork within the day as I truly felt connected to nature, which inspired me greatly to create that day. This illustration is something I made by hand and tells the story of how each of us are all in a journey in our Dreaming, and along the way, we meet mob that we truly connect with and gain experiences which our ancestors have guided us on. I feel this is what makes our journey to find a place we call home worthwhile. Finishing off this piece gave me such a tremendous feeling of happiness and contentment that I was able to complete this in a day.

Leticia Anne Designs & Co Brown Element

Share & Embrace

Upon finishing this piece, I went on and secured this little gem in a premium gold frame. At present, it’s been sold and finally made its way to someone’s home who felt the connection with my work, just as I have felt the connection towards it as I created it.