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Let your guwindharr ‘spirit’ be guided


This piece is about letting your guwindharr ‘spirit’ be guided by our ancestors. Through acknowledging what makes us who we are, no matter where or what we come from – that we are special in our own way. It’s about being unique, authentic and true within ourselves against adversity and hardship.

Throughout this piece you will see the many layers that creates who we are and the different paths we take to build who we are. You will see the ‘U’ shaped symbols on the pathway lines on the right representing our loved ones and significant others. You’ll also see the community circles shown a circles with the ‘U’ shaped symbols surrounding, these represent the different the different places that we have learnt lessons and experiences that shape us. In the bottom left corner sit our ancestors that are guiding us within our own dreaming.


A4, A3 and A2 fine art prints available

Digital artworks printed on 310gsm smooth matte cotton rag

With no optical brighteners, plus it’s longevity, image stability and a clean matte surface required for the very best in fine art printing, this paper is the best choice for crisp and excellent details. This paper’s unique ultra-smooth surface gives images that SENSUAL FEEL.

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Created by Proud Indigenous Artist and Graphic Designer Leticia Quince (Leticia Anne).


A4, A3, A2