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Burralgung ‘Brolga’ Dreaming


Brolga, as our Dreamtime stories share, was a young girl that captivated everyone with her dancing, including Waiwera the evil Spirit. One day, he decided to take her. Waiwera swept Brolga up and off her feet in a willy-willy ‘dust storm’. When the Elders & community went to find Brolga, what they found was a tall, beautiful, gray bird that danced gracefully as she flapped her wings. That’s when Burralgung became who she is today.

As one of my favourite Dreaming stories, I then created this beauty. The result was this piece of a breathtaking and graceful bird that I feel connected to on a deeper level as my personal totem.


A4 and A3 fine art prints available

Digital artworks printed on 310gsm smooth matte cotton rag

With no optical brighteners, plus it’s longevity, image stability and a clean matte surface required for the very best in fine art printing, this paper is the best choice for crisp and excellent details. This paper’s unique ultra-smooth surface gives images that SENSUAL FEEL.

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A4, A3