Leticia Anne Designs

Embracing my connection to through storytelling, art and my voice.

Yiradhu Marang 'Good Day'.
I am Leticia Anne. Proud Wiradjuri & Torres Strait Islander yinaa 'woman' crafting my own path.

Leticia Anne Designs is ngurambang ‘home’ to my cultural storytelling through my art and my voice. I share my lived experiences of overcoming trauma and adversity, growing up in foster care, connecting to my culture, becoming a business owner and embracing motherhood. This space is my platform to also inspire and role model to other young people that we can create our own path and embrace our passions.



When creating cultural artworks, I harness a deeper intuitional connection to my cultural learnings, knowledge and understanding. I am grateful to have had the opportunities to learn from my cultural mentors, Wiradjuri artists, Elders and listening in to guidance from my ancestors. Each peice is developed with understanding of the storyline within myself before I bring it out onto paper and digital artforms. 



I have 8 years of experience working directly with and advocating for vulnerable young people within the community services sector. I use my knowledge, expertise and inspirational character to work towards change, opportunity and impact. I offer independent consulting and public speaking services, focused on improving the NSW child protection, First Nations cultural care and connection and youth rights. I was proudly awarded the 7 News Young Achievers Award for Indigenous Achievement in 2021 and Young Person of the Year for AbSec Child and Family Awards in 2020 recognising my community contributions.

Awards Australia TransGrid Indigenous Achievement Award


I am a skilled storyteller, teacher and artist with the ability to connect and engage with children and young people.  Throughout my art workshops, I prioritise providing a culturally respectful space for learning and embracing Wiradjuri language, cultural art and reflecting my aspirational story. I share about a range of targetted topics such as growing up in foster care, breaking the cycle, embracing culture, career journey and turning dreams into a literal reality! Workshop held face-to-face in the Central Coast and surrounds. Online Workshops and yarning circles also available. 

Let your guwindharr ‘spirit’ be guided
I just purchased two gorgeous prints from Leticia. The designs are stunning.. And the print quality is such a high standard, they are almost like originals. Leticia’s designs are so powerful and full of meaning. You can feel the energy from her heart and spirit flow out from the paper. I am so excited to get them framed and hang them up.
Kate Munro
Let your Guwindharr ‘Spirit’ be Guided and Follow your Giiny 'Heart' A2 prints.
Yirra Miya First Nations Creative Agency Flyer

Leticia Anne Designs & Co. evolved in February 2023 to introduce Yirra Miya, a collaborative First Nations Creative Agency working with First Nations businesses, young entrepreneurs and community-focused projects & initiatives. We harness storytelling, experience and creative intuition to bring branding, design and cultural illustrations to life. This is where you can now find my creative services.

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