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Yiradhu Marang ‘Good Day’!

Just like that, October is coming to an end… I feel like I say this all the the time but this year is just going by so quickly, I almost can’t believe it! What has kept you busy throughout the month? In all honesty, it all went by in a blur for me, especially being so busy juggling multiple projects for my deadly clients.

But in life, sometimes there will be moments when we have to take time to slow down. Earlier this month, I found myself feeling overwhelmed with my health, business, and other external commitments that I’m involved with, so I took the time out to allow myself to reset, realign, and restore. This is your reminder that you can too! It’s so important to put YOU right at the top of your priority list – you’re the most important thing in this world, and you need to treat yourself like it!

Getting to Know Tenee of Maiyulk

So you might remember that earlier this month, I gave a huge shoutout to Maiyulk and the deadly owner behind it – Tenee!

She was very kind to share insights about Maiyulk. Read on to get to know her and her business 👇

Connect with Tenee at Maiyulk:

#Blak Business Feature Graphic of Tenee of Mailyuk

Business Insight:

Maiyulk is an online educational hub for First Nations, by First Nations. Twice a year, the doors open to our newest program, Online Business Accelerator, which is a small group learning program for First Nations women only. Watch this space, because in 2022, Maiyulk’s launching a monthly membership built on First Nations’ knowledge-sharing principles designed by and for our women who want to level up their lives!

Behind the brand, Tenee offers 1 on 1 consultation for First Nations-owned small and micro businesses (open to both men and women), with a focus on growing your business and your bank account. 

What inspired you to start your business?

“Maiyulk came about after I was forced to shut down my ironing business in early 2020 (thanks Rona!) I’ve always leaned on the incredible Blak women in my life for advice, love and support. So once the pandemic hit, and I realised I needed to be selling something online to make money… I decided I would just be the woman other First Nations women could lean on. So I dived in, started with just an Instagram account and a willingness to reach out and support complete strangers online, sharing with them everything I knew to try and help – with literally anything.”

What's your favourite thing to do outside of your business?

“I’m actually a massive hermit crab and LOVE sitting in my house doing absolutely NOTHING. Sometimes I’ll put on a playlist on Spotify and scroll the ‘gram, or listen to an audiobook while I lay down with my two fur babies. 

Other than my much-loved me time, I love hanging out with my family. When we get together, it’s all laughs and good food! Who could ask for more than that?”

What's something you'd like to share with other mob looking to start their own business?

“My biggest tip is to start with something you do REALLY well and charge a premium price for it. Most people only make a few sales when they’re starting out, so why not make them worth your time and effort? Building and growing your business will take time, but you can still use that time wisely.”

A fun/random fact about you?

“It’s not something I usually bring up, but I think I should more often – I actually never finished high-school. I went to school and did the assignments, I just never sat any of my final assessments, so I didn’t get the certificate lol! Your past definitely does not matter when it comes to business – as long as you’re willing to continuously learn and put in the work, you’ll make it.”

40% Off on Brand Discovery Workshops Closing Soon

Brand Discovery Workshop Graphic

The 40% off on my Brand Discovery Workshops is still up for grabs. Yup, you heard that right, 40% off ❗

So from $1,100.00 + GST, you can get your hands on it for only $660.00 + GST with the 40% off, until the end of this month only.

What’s covered? 👇

  • Part 1: looking inwards (about your business, unique selling proposition, guiding intent statement)
  • Part 2: looking outwards (ideal customer – demographics, interests and behaviours)
  • Part 3: Your Brand (brand personality – your archetype, brand language – tone of voice, brand appearance – images, colours and fonts)

But did you know I have something EXTRA SPECIAL FOR YOU? You will receive 10% off your next project for referrals you pass on who end up booking in for this great deal! So if you’ve got deadly business friends you know that will benefit from this opportunity to dig deeper in their business branding, let them know! You’ll benefit too!

Design Project Highlight

DCJ Business Plan

We created a 160+ page Word document template for the Stronger Communities Outcome and Business Plan October 2021 Update. We presented a design that was different to their previous design direction for their Business documents, involving a strong use of colour elements, Aboriginal design motifs and curvy free lines. This document still present a professional clean direction, set for the more corporate environment but with a nice modern flare. Shoutout to our amazing creative, Jasmine (they/them) for their lead on this project.  

DCJ Business Plan template

Kind words from Melanie Jones of DCJ

“Jasmine has been so absolutely incredible to work with. They have been so professional, understanding, patient and produced a really high quality document. It is far beyond our expectations and you have both magically made this happen despite the delays and changes. Everyone has been blown away by the document so far, and it’s even more impressive knowing you two were able to get this working in Word. It has been a pleasure working on this so far with you and Jasmine, and seeing it come together as such an engaging and beautiful piece has been a real highlight of the past few weeks for me.”

What's New on my YouTube Channel:

My YouTube channel is my way to yarn with all of you about different topics. For this month, I talked about mental health – a topic I feel needs to be brought out into light more. In this latest vlog, I yarned about what it was like, how I coped before and how I continuously do. I wish for others to be able to find the strength and support they need, because I believe mental health is just as important as all other aspects of our health.

YARN S.M.A.R.T. with Youth Express

In bringing awareness through this year’s mental health awareness month Youth Express organises a series of yarn episodes with powerful, resilient and inspiring deadly community members, Indigenous mentors and Elders. I had the privileged to be asked to be apart of this amazing initiative to speak upon my own experience and advice around mental health.

Check out the yarn:

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Yarn soon,
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