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Yiradhu Marang 'Good Day' everyone!

Firstly… I want to send out my thoughts and hope of safety for mob and communities being impacted significantly from the severe weather across our Nations. It saddens me to hear of the loss, damages and grief that has already come from the impacts of flooding, severe rains and wind. I hope you and your family are safe, for it’s chaotic to go from drought, bush fires, a pandemic and now flooding. I know it’s not just me that shouting out ‘when is this going to stop’, ‘when are we going to catch a break’. Please if you are in a risk zone, I hope you can find settle and safety in these times.

I feel like it’s been FOREVERRRR since I’ve had the chance to touch base with you all. I’ve personally had some life changes that have impacted my time in my business, but have been so fortunate to have Lauren and our Creative team to man the fort during this time. When we work for ourselves, life unfortunately doesn’t stop, and neither does business, so we have try to ensure to keep things moving. However I do apologise for any delays in communication, or updates for if there is any inconvenience that made have occurred. But trusting the space that we have also been SOOOO busy and creating so many deadly designs and projects in the background.

My Amazing Hawaii Trip

I’m so darn excited to be back from holidays – it was honestly what I needed & can feel the energy shift.

When I was away in Hawaii, I fully disconnected from my business & socials. I would check in on my personal socials once a day or simply just to post a cool moment like:

Seeing Hawaii from above in an open-door helicopter
Snorkelling at Ko Olina and getting close and personal with a beautiful sea turtle.
Visiting Koaloa Ranch where so many cool films were shot whilst driving a UTV
Having an amazing view of the city out of hotel room at Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort & Spa

Welcoming Lauren

That is only some of my highlights! But you know what! I love my reality & life at home just as much. I have come back to having Lauren start as an official employee. She’s is our Junior Graphic Designer and Program Support and she did a fabulous job manning the fort whilst I was gone 👌🏽

Welcoming Lauren to the Team


We’re getting ready to launch the Start Up Deadly program! Through this program, We will be able to help First Nations young people learn the ins and outs of starting their own businesses. HUGE thanks to the generosity of this great organisation, YOUTH EXPRESS Maitland for providing a space for young people to connect with each other during the 6 months! I am also excited as we have six fabulous mentors joining us, and we will be kicking things off soon!

Transition to Independence Forum-Issues Paper Launch

28 FEBRUARY 2022: I had a wonderful time MCing an event forum hosted by the Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies (ACWA) in collaboration with CREATE Foundation, we discussed some of the barriers to accessing financial support from their leaving care plans. This was as we set out to improve the outcomes for young people transitioning to independence following their time in out-of-home care (OOHC) and to encourage consistent best practices across the sector for these, often extremely vulnerable, young adults.

Transition to Independence Forum-Issues Paper Launch

Design Project Highlights

Icon and Panel design for Aboriginal Healing Foundation


Sister, Dixie Crawford founded the Aboriginal Healing Foundation and is committed to creating social change by embedding community voice, perspective, and leadership into social policy. Her commitment is to make sure you understand the root cause of the challenges facing your organisation, and that you know what needs to be done to overcome them. Leticia Anne Designs & Co designed 5 stunning icons and panels to promote Nganya’s services on the web.


Yandharra offers unique Wiradjuri cuisine that goes beyond the food you consume on your plate through sharing and celebrating our rich culture.  With this, our team have designed a logo that we think represents the Yandhara brand – only the beginning of the creations we have coming to life for beautiful sister Rose.

Logo for Yandhara brand
Visual mock up for Deadly Fitness
*Visual mock up solely for visual purposes only*

Deadly Fitness

Deadly Fitness began as a personal training business in 2016 with the aim to help empower First Nations people to take their health into their own hands. Deadly Fitness aims to contribute positive effects on the physical and mental health of our people. Introducing our deadly new logo for the next stage of their fitness branding identity. Watch this space for sister Nerylee Gollan.

We are revamping our Website

We are revamping our website to bring you the best information on our services on offer. Kudos to our creative barbi! Keep an eye out for the launch!!!! Also it embraces our new branding that you saw come to life in the past couple of months.


It is recommended to avoid widows and orphans in your design. Widow and Orphans break up the overall flow of text. These are:

Design Tip Graphic

Contact Hours

We have dedicated working hours for working on projects, meetings and client contact regarding projects.

Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm

Outside my business hours we are only contactable by email and will endeavor to respond to you as soon as we can (within 3-5 business days). You will likely hear from Lauren or myself, whom check in with our socials and email correspondence during working hours.

Mandaang Guwu ‘Thank You’,

Yarn Soon,

We would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land that we stand and live upon. The beautiful Country created throughout our Dreamtime over 70,000 thousands of years ago. We’d like to pay our respects to our Elders past, present and future emerging for they how the acknowledge, guidance and resilience of our people. We’d also like to extend our gratitude for the gifts our Mother Earth and Baiame’s creations – for our people, land, waters & sky. We would like to further this to all our First Nations clients, businesses, creatives and community members across all Nations within Australia.