June Yarn & Share

June Yarn & Share

Yiradhu Marang ‘Good Day’!

HAPPY JUNE and sending on my love to all the deadly businesses getting them ready and through end of financial year!

I can’t believe we are approaching the end of June already. There have been so many amazing things going on in Leticia Anne Designs and now ‘&Co.’ This is also a great opportunity to introduce to you who our new creatives are onboard with Leticia Anne Designs & Co.

What is Yarn & Share?

Yarn & Share is the monthly email that I send to embrace a new month, however then bring it to you in our blog (we any included updates) each month! YEWWWW! This will be a platform to YARN about any exciting news and updates within Leticia Anne Designs & Co., whilst also being able to SHARE a monthly branding/social media tip. I’m all about wanting to maintain my connections, help inspire and also empower every one of my clients in their journey and being able to embrace their business dreaming. This includes YOU!

About our Creatives

Embracing our connection to through design, branding and mentoring.

Clare McLennon

Artist - Two Seas Studio
Proud mum of 3 with cultural ties to La Perouse, Creating art & morals that capture the details and beauty of our land, seas and native animals.

Noni Colyer-Marr

Noni Colyer-Marr

Photographer - Noni Photography
Proud Arrernte woman who grew up on Awabakal Country of Buttaba Lake Macquaire & is a mum of 4. Capturing memories and moments in time for families and community to pass onto the next generation.

Jasmine Fletcher

Jasmine Fletcher

Graphic and Web Designer - Jasmine Fletcher
Proud Maori Queer & Non-Binary Creative. Creating bold & colourful designs with community at heart.


So with expanding in the business means there will be some changes in my processes commencing July 1.

GST will be added to all invoices beyond June 30

We now have credit card payments available

We now use Stripe which allows you to pay your invoices by credit card if you choose. We still have direct bank transfer payments available with details provided on invoices.

Changes to contact times

I will be commencing a new course in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts on July 14. This will be two days out of the business, of which I will no longer be contactable for meetings and email response – WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS. I am excited to give the time to learn more about our Cultural Arts and to bring this knowledge through the illustrations I create in Leticia Anne Designs.

Our new contact times from July 14, 2021, is, as below:

Monday & Tuesday 10am to 6pm | Friday 10am to 6pm | Saturdays 10am to 6pm

This is for appts, mentoring sessions, workshops etc. Unless discussed otherwise.

June Highlights (so far)

We became a team of 4!

I am so excited to have Clare, Noni and Jasmine onboard – who are all amazing business owners that are all about embracing and empowering the community! Whether it’s through their skills, culture, identity, and just being so humble but proud of what they do!

Leticia Anne Designs Graphic
I ran a Branding Workshop for The Exchange Dubbo on June 10

sharing my journey and some hints and tricks into embracing your branding, especially with a graphic designer.

Get to facilitate Brand Discovery Kit with a couple more businesses

(this tool is just so powerful). Head over to my Instagram post to learn more about it: https://www.instagram.com/p/CP-qqKcBFFH/

Leticia Anne Designs Graphic
Getting to run a couple of branding 1:1 mentoring sessions

I just absolutely love doing them!

Monthly Tip

How to install fonts onto your computer from your style sheet.

  1. If your font is from Google Fonts – you will go to https://fonts.google.com
  2. Search the font and click into the font and pick the style that matches your style sheet e.g. ‘Poppins Semi Bold’. It will add it onto a collection box so you can go back and search for another font you will like to download.
  3. Once you have select all the font styles you need, you will click ‘download all’ in the bottom right corner. This will download a zip file of the fonts to your desktop.
  4. Open this folder – On Mac you will double click and it will extract the folder – on Desktop their should be a ‘Extract All’ option to open the folder
  5. When the folder is unzipped you will then double click on the font and it will give you an ‘install font’ option.
  6. Then go onto a document e.g. Microsoft Word and if you go to change the font you should now see your new fonts automatically accessible on your computer
  7. Now it’s time use them to bring consistency to your business branding 🙂

If it’s a purchased font, you will go and purchase this, and it will give you a link to download the font type also. Then you will follow steps 5 – 7.

Email updates

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Mandaang Guwu ‘Thank You’ for being awesome & patient with the creative process!

Yarn soon,
Leticia Anne