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Western Plains Cultural Centre Rebrand

Design Assessment for Billy Blue College of Design  |  2020
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Uni Assessment
Logo Design & Branding Collateral
July 2020

For one of my university assessments, I was tasked with rebranding a cultural institution of which I selected the Western Plains Cultural Centre due to it being a local cultural institution in Dubbo.

Philosophy of WPCC:

WPCC Vision moving forward with their rebrand logo and branding holistically includes:

The Western Plains Cultural Centre has a distinct vision of philosophy within what it wishes to embed daily within the institution, within the community and foremost the region.

To create a positive and unique sense of place for Dubbo residents and visitors by providing opportunities and events for creative and cultural engagement with the community, and assisting in the preservation and growth of the region’s identity (Western Plains Cultural Centre, n.d.).

The Goals of the WPCC are:

Key considerations for changing the WPCC logo and areas:

Better connection between their logo and branding to highlight their mission and values within the centre. To maintain connection within all communications and audience under one brand and hold consistency in messaging, awareness and reputation within engaging the community and broader region.

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When it came to developing the final logo concept, and reason for selecting it as the final logo was due to it being eye-capturing, edgy and versatile nature. When exploring the Western Plains Cultural Centre in greater depth, I learnt a lot about the journey, the current logo and the reasoning for a rebrand.

Some key concepts of consideration and inspiration behind the new logo was the speak more volumes for their personality, values and offerings and not just the physical building layout as depicted in their previous logo.

The selection of the colours alongside a black or white concept is the representation of some key features that it has held true to over the years. This includes the red, representing Dubbo which stand for “red orche”. This also represents the connection to the land and spirit that thrives through the past of the people, places and possessions within the building. The blue represents the waters that run through the region and how it brings everyone together into one place.

Within the depiction of the W and P, it symbolises and captivates the journey through the building. It’s like a maze of wonders with the W representing the tree standing strong in the middle of the building and the P representing the loop of a meeting place as you walk up the path and enter. This is more than just a logo; it represents the journey of the cultural sites coming together as one and creating the Cultural Centre.

The selection of the fonts is to hold a space of readability and legibility while embracing the modern world and direction. The logo was developed with Avenir due to the flow of the letters while incorporating Gill Sans into the title of the name. These selections help allow for readability for people from different settings and to still hold meaning to the name.

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The Western Plains Cultural Centre is more than just an art gallery, museum or even a community arts centre. Its a place of learning, exploring, entertainment, diversity, excitement and full of some many different wonderful things. It’s time it stood out in the crowd for what it is above it’s competitors and to stand for its own.

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