Wide Open Space Festival

Wide Open Space Festival

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Have you heard of the WIDE OPEN SPACE Festival before?

It’s this crazy cool music and art festival held just out of Alice Springs at Ross River Resort literally in a glorious wide-open space.

When Leticia came across it during her research for her uni assessment tasked to rebrand a music festival, she was absolutely amazed! It isn’t just a music festival, it’s so much more! It’s a place of connection with a big focus on community and empowerment. To help her gain a better understanding, Leticia reached out to Wide Open Space Festival on social media and connected with Jimmy Cocking, the Director of Wide Open Space Festival. He spoke about it being an event that ultimately is to bring people of all race, gender, sexuality, age and culture together – safe, fun community festival.

Leticia Anne Designs Graphic

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About the logo design

Leticia designed a logo that incorporated this sense of connection and community through a contemporary styled Aboriginal gathering symbol with a silhouette that linked to their iconic embracing arms wide open symbol. Not to mentioned being surround by the MacRonnell Ranges. It’s a family friendly festival that is all about embracing their glorious desert lands.

Every year, WOS embraced a new identity for the next upcoming festival – this is similar to how One Night Stand put forward their festival voice in branding. The key to branding is all about embracing the desert culture. The festival itself is another level – it’s unique and brilliant within itself, with embracing a diverse style of music from metal, fold, acoustic meditation, electronic and more. It brings together a space of connection, through art, workshops, exhibitions and not to mention an awesome themed party.

Reasons behind the vision & decisions

The selection of the colours of this logo is embracing the beauty of the sunset colours that appear at dusk – with the purple and blues mixing in with the orange and red. I’ve also focused on the orange and reds to embrace the desert mountain plains. It’s vibrant, loud and exciting – and family-friendly! The purpose of the blue hue behind the silhouette is to represent the vibration of the music.

Symbolically, Leticia have drawn on her Aboriginal culture and the essence of our morals to develop the gathering circle. Within the circle is symbols representing our people in the U shape figure alongside the gathering of all people to one central location. The sun and moon are also subtly represented within the style.

The selection of the font is to hold a space of loud, bold and powerful tone of voice. It’s quirky, edgy and she specially selected the A in space to represent the tent – as the event is held over three days with camping available. The font is Pilar – a deco font; however the glyphs gave me the freedom to customise. Leticia then selectively added a brushstroke to add an edginess.

Share & Embrace

The Wide Open Space Festival is more than just a music festival. Its a place of connection, belonging, exploring, entertainment, diversity, learning and full of some many different wonderful things. It’s time it stood out in the crowd for what it is above it’s competitors and to stand for its own!

We would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land that we stand and live upon. The beautiful Country created throughout our Dreamtime over 70,000 thousands of years ago. We’d like to pay our respects to our Elders past, present and future emerging for they how the acknowledge, guidance and resilience of our people. We’d also like to extend our gratitude for the gifts our Mother Earth and Baiame’s creations – for our people, land, waters & sky. We would like to further this to all our First Nations clients, businesses, creatives and community members across all Nations within Australia.