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Summit Employment & Training

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Summit approached me to develop a flyer for their upcoming event in Bourke. They provided the content and logo and then let me have free creative reign to develop the flyer design – and I love that!

Summit Employment & Training
Flyer Design
September 2020
Aboriginal meeting circle icon for Leticia Anne Designs branding icons

gather & create

Graphic design for Aboriginal themed flyer for summit employment

I designed and Illustrated the flyer to represent the roads and journey leading out to Bourke and the community coming together for a gathering and yarning space, calling it MEET & YARN.

The colours were selected to compliment the diverse colours in the logos and also represent the land of which we journey upon.

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MORE ABOUT THE MEET & YARN with Tatum Moore AEDO and Daniel Morris NCAP program!

These two are amazing at what they do with helping bring new opportunities and empowerment to our people in the employment and business space! I linked up to Summit in August 2020 and have enjoyed the opportunity to have business support but also the opportunity to help their clients bring their visions to life also!

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Flyer design in NSW with Aboriginal theme with meeting circles

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Aboriginal meeting circle icon for Leticia Anne Designs branding icons
Aboriginal art illustration of dots in different branding colours of Leticia Anne Designs representing journey