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Loaded Fox

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Branding mockup for restaurant

Loaded Fox is a conceptual restaurant developed for one of my very early days university assessments. It was a heap of fun to be given some freedom to create an idea from scratch. Geez, I wish this place actually existed, as I love loaded fries –  let’s admit, I just loveee melted cheese! On Everything!


The restaurant franchise I have designed is called Loaded Fox. It is an American-styled Australian influenced cuisine choice incorporating burger, loaded fries, hot dogs and milkshake galore! It involves a creative and innovative design layout incorporating refurbished office spaces that have been transformed into modern, pop-coloured restaurants.

It is all about the concept of from little things big things grow, therefore from the bare basics of an empty old unused office space being revamped to life – just like within working from the ground up in the working world.

The first restaurant is to be established in Melbourne City where the lifestyle of vibrant creative thinking and hardworking people is inspiring. The restaurant will be expanded to other locations in the city centres and country cities. The style of the restaurant is to maintain a wooden, natural space utilising recycled wood and luxuries and transformed with an orange and pacific blue colour palette.

Uni Assignment
Custom Logotype & Illustration
May 2020
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Sketch for logo design for conceptual restaurant loaded fox

I selected the mascot of the fox as it is an animal that is cunning yet can get want it wants and work it’s way up the working office space to become the LOADED CEO FOX! I decided to create a fun, cheeky styled mascot to engage people through its grin and friendly manner. Not to mention the impact of the bold orange & teal bue, capturing the eye. The work mark is custom and vectored from the original sketch shown. It was inspired by the tail of the fox and using it to standing for the L and F letter formats collectively.

Mural illustration for conceptual restaurant
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The packaging is Mock-up products for the assessment for visual adding – this is not a reflection of the actual packaging design or display of skills. It is displayed as a requirement to show the elements and icons being used throughout the restraint. The packaging is eco-friendly recyclable cardboard and mix the wooden with pop colour style vibe that the restaurant dine-in holds.


My concept and inspiration for this restaurant idea was led by experiencing different flavours and toppings on foods, especially loaded fries. To have the freedom to customise and choose your own ingredients is always exciting for me and I wanted to bring this experience for the customers. The dine-in presentations of the meals are high end fully loaded and marvellous to look at – not to mention the loaded milkshakes. I wanted to create a reasonably cost-efficient selection base not just to target high-end business people but also the many interns and students within corporations and businesses as a social opportunity.

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