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Independent Safe Living at Home
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Larissa is a proud Wiradjuri Bungjalung Yinaa woman whom embraced her business Independent Safe Living at Home to her mum’s legacy within commercial and residential cleaning – within Dubbo, surrounding communities, with goals to branch her business out to Sydney. It warms my heart to hear the journey of how Larissa began their business dreaming. Larissa is kind, passionate and holds a pure love for her business and her values hold true throughout. Within the short time of getting to know Larissa and understanding her whys, I felt inspired and creating the design for her branding and using story telling throughout just flowed.

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Larissa initially reached out to explore getting new business card design alongside a custom t-shirt design that respected her learnings and love for her mother and father. You’ll notice the little Jasper, her mum’s beloved dog alongside the footprints as she enjoyed walking Track-o-Riley in Dubbo and the journey around the river. The kookaburra is her father’s totem surrounded by the water ways of Bundjalung Country. Throughout the design we all paid respect to her community and the journey of breaching out and connecting to other communities.

It was within this space we also refreshed her logo from her previous logo to bring through fonts and colours that were still connected but given a fresh feel.

fun business card design for commercial and residential cleaning in new south wales
front details on business card for independent safe caring at home business in New South Wales

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Larissa embraced her new designs and business identity with so much pride for her connection as it was a part of her. You’ll now see Larissa and her team at ISC HOME wearing their custom t-shirts that we worked with XLR8 Promotions in Dubbo to bring to life. I designed the sleeves of the shirt with a design down the side of which we carried over to the business card design.

I’m so proud of how the shirts turned out and for Larissa to have her story shared in a way that’s true to her business dreaming and vision. Talk about storytelling! I recommended reaching out to Larissa to yarn more about the story behind the design.

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front of cleaning business shirt with Aboriginal symbolism on pink and purple polo
t-shirt design with custom illustration on sleeve of aboriginal symbols and meaning for cleaning business
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