Graz’d by Bec

Graz'd by Bec

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business card design for catering company

Like seriously Bec’s grazing boxes, platters & tables are all sorts of gloriousness! Not to mention the absolute ball Leticia had working alongside Bec to create her logo – She was such an amazing client in every way.


Gather & Create

Initially Leticia had Bec flicked through a couple of ideas she had mind mapped with images that inspired her and then we had a chat about what she liked and didn’t like and to explore deeper into her vision. Leticia then developed some digital concepts of up to 5 to 7 designs to see what she was drawn to.

Bec constantly engaged, provided honest feedback and welcomed the creative process every step of the way! To be apart of bringing her vision to life for a logo that was unique to her, showed aspects of her bubbly personality alongside some cool edginess to represent ‘A little bit of everything’. What more could you want!

We then developed this fabulous logo that stood out for itself like wide fire within the high competitive grazing services brewing in Melbourne at the time.

Share & Embrace

So much yummy goodness! Check out these glorious stickers developed to sit alongside her business cards that’s one of her amazing grazing boxes pictured in the back.


sticker design for catering company

We would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land that we stand and live upon. The beautiful Country created throughout our Dreamtime over 70,000 thousands of years ago. We’d like to pay our respects to our Elders past, present and future emerging for they how the acknowledge, guidance and resilience of our people. We’d also like to extend our gratitude for the gifts our Mother Earth and Baiame’s creations – for our people, land, waters & sky. We would like to further this to all our First Nations clients, businesses, creatives and community members across all Nations within Australia.