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Flux Kombucha

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Design Assessment conceptual client
Packaging & Graphic Design

Flux Kombucha is a conceptual label developed for the focus of a design assessment I completed in my studies at Billy Blue College of Design. I had a bunch of fun creating this label and getting to learn aspect of finished art and pre-print set up for packaging design. This was considerate of selecting style, colour mode, bottle style, dimensions of the label, having a die cut and embellishment as required in the brief.

front label for Flux Kombucha a conceptual kombucha label for design assessment with pink and green features
What is Flux Kombucha?

Flux is a new beverage brand that aims to enter the very trendy kombucha market. Flux offers an all natural product with smart and effective packaging that incorporates a strong design aesthetic. Select the stronger of the two design concepts presented as part of Assessment 3 is to be developed into a highly finished, complete label design – ready for print.

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Understanding the brief & Market Research

The process which is something that I bring through into my real-life branding project, was digging deeper and exploring the brief, the target market and competition. Through reviewing and exploring the labels and style of the bottles, supported with the research by Lumina Intelligence, it is reflective that Millennials are the prime target audience. It also targets people that are health-conscious and exploration of alternative options of food and beverages to increase their health/remove sugar, high carb substances.

Through researching further, I was impressed to see the diverse and large range of Kombucha. As noted, but Lumina Intelligence, there is 210 brand variants. This is a highly competitive market and only expected to grow in coming years. Some very competitive brand due to their stance in the major supermarkets in Australia such as Coles, Woolworths include; Amplify, Remedy, MoJo, Wild, Humm. These are some that we are exploring to stand out from.

I wanted to create something BOLD & IMPACTFUL! And this is my creation.

back label of flux kombucha label with nutritional labels for packaging design

share & embrace

It was a requirement that I research out to others for feedback on the design as part of the marking. I just loved getting to gather from friends, family, design friends and my Instagram followers on Leticia Anne Designs, to hear their thoughts. It helped me nail down my design thinking and decisions to create and share the final piece. Thanks again everyone! I appreciate your responses – whoop! and to celebrate a high distinction result.

mock up of kombucha label flux with bold colours

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