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Connect & Discover

Leticia had the opportunity to connect with Erin at Evolve Marketing & Communications early last year and we instantly became two peas in a pod – as she is now one of my closest dearest sisters. Erin was the one to give me the opportunity to start designing logos for her clients which helped spark the light into launching my business. To know she believed in Leticia to the point of asking her to do a rebrand and the results were amazing and super dooper exciting. We got to work…

Submark design for Evolve Marketing

Erin was based in Dubbo like Leticia was and recently relocated to Sydney to embrace her business to all new heights.

Focused on web design, social media marketing & engagement, sales & advertising, and so much more… it was time she focused down on her target market and niche. Her focus being helping people in business EVOLVE to have the freedom they desired to explore, adventure and grow personally and within their business. And her new branding says it all… about living the life you desire!

Oh, did I mention, EVOLVE Marketing & Communications is our sister business to Leticia Anne Designs – you will see we team up quite often to provide a flow of services to all our clients from branding & design to websites & marketing.


Gather & Create

Talk about a total rebrand and fresh feel… the feel we went for the branding was

Logo design for communications

With the logo design, Erin wanted something minimalist, strong and mysterious (hence leaving marketing & communications off her main logo. To have a little high end feel logo font matched with the quirkiness and fun behind the scenes that came through with handwritten font for her headings.

Within her sub-mark we took inspiration from her previous logo to still use the circular feel and to have something that branded her imagery on social media effectively without taking away from the images & content.


Here you see all the key words and direction come to life…

Facebook Cover & Custom Instagram Highlights

Talk about fun and adventure… that it was, venturing through hundreds of photos to pick out ones that sat true to the colours, feel and impact of EVOLVE – to create the photo style Instagram highlights and Facebook Cover that complimented one another just nicely.

Business Cards

This is where the minimalist feel comes in – with some sandy beach vibes – showcasing the many direct layers to EVOLVE Marketing & Communications.

Facebook banner design
Instagram highlight design

Share & Embrace

Erin is embracing & loving her branding daily! and is in the process of rolling it out to its full potential starting with her social media presence. Head on over to check it all out!

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