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Down the Lane

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Down the Lane
Graphic Design and Branding
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Down the Lane is a new high-end Italian-fusion restaurant in Dubbo of which I had the absolute pleasure of designing the logo and some of the essential branding direction for. Errin whom is also the owner of Church Street Cafe, reached out to me in trust in the previous design work I had done for her to bring her next business venture vision to life and we did just that with the Goanna Branding Package.

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Coming up with a logo with Errin just happened, we were instantly on the same wavelength from the get-go with style, aesthetic and feel. We wanted to develop a logo that stood its own ground and was unique in Dubbo. To have a little city style vibe and with the simplicity of keeping it as a wordmark. With having worked with Errin on previous design work for Church Street Cafe and having build a good rapport, it helps me to have a deeper understanding of her direction.

horizontal logo for quirky restaurant that opened in Dubbo
moodpboard for Dubbo restaurant down the lane with natural colours
Style Sheet

Talk about bringing to life:

Authentic | High End | Quirky | Modern | Organic | Fresh | Integrit

Within the style sheet the colours paid respect to the natural aesthetics of this beautiful heritage listed building in Dubbo, with a little ooft of orange, blues and greens to compliment it. You will see aspects of these colours even through to their rugs and lighting and special touches in the restaurant. Now that’s true branding.

Custom Instagram Highlight Icons

Talk about fun custom Instagram highlights embracing the neon style again as similar to the designs for CSC, but encompassing the colours for the style guide. Talk about some quirkiness, as the restaurant itself has cool of fabulous neon signs and designs.

five instagram highlights branded for down the lane with noen effect
Business Cards Designs

Utilising one of the photos taken by Amy Allen Creative Co. We brought to life a double-sided business card with a QR code that links straight to their social media. This is a way to keep it simple and to have information come straight to your phone.

business card mock up for Dubbo business and food joint
business card with QR code for down the lane
Custom Branded Illustration

Last but not least, a custom illustration that connected to one of their neon sign inspirations but with a spark to keep it their own on a brick wall. I draw the design sketch on paper, then utilised my iPad and Adobe Illustrator to bring it all to life.

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It’s now out there! Errin and Vin alongside locals & visitors in Dubbo are embracing & enjoying the chilled yet beautiful atmosphere of Down the Lane. Check out a photo of the signage on my first visit to dine at Down the Lane. I too can vouch for the GF Pizza I got to enjoy on the night.

illustration of brick would with noen juicy lips for Dubbo down the lane

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