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Magazine cover designs mock up

DISSIGNIT Magazine is a conceptual magazine I developed for the purposes of a design assessment at Billy Blue College of Design. The name was inspired by the concept of Just design it!

I wanted to explore bringing to life the idea of designs or articles being able to be ripped out of a magazine. This is ironic, in the fact that magazines are traditionally made to be flipped through, read and picked up for further reading. As designers, we explore thinking outside the box, testing ideas, viewing and practically and keeping our ideas in one spot. The concept of this magazine is to encourage the designs to be ripped out, saved, folded – all for a later date full of inspiration, ideas and collection. This is hence the subtitle RIPPER DESIGNS & CREATIVES ON EVERY PAGE. This concept can still be effective digitally by the view pinning/saving the article, image or page design on a pinboard.

Developed conceptual project Billy Blue College of Design Assessment
Graphic Design
Magazine front cover design for conceptual designs ro Billy Blue College of Design
front and back cover of designer magazine
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Within the development of the first two magazine covers, editorial pages and article pages, I wanted to embrace colour, quirkiness, and bring a unique spark to each page.

Key considerations of the magazine cover are the hierarchy and impact of the masthead (that I had hand drawn and then created digitally) to still hold it’s place and prominence among the images and the rip page effect.

When exploring the design magazines such as Computer Arts, Eye and Artonview, a commonality is “how do designers and artist step outside the norm and make impacting designs and ideation”. It is to explore reaching the design-savvy target audience of a modern era and ever-evolving designs and technology. That is what DISSIGNIT is all about! It’s as it says, designing it!

meet the designers magazine design and layout out for billy blue
magazine pages mocked up with colour

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photography magazine

After sharing my pride for my magazine development with mock ups on my social media, the team at Billy Blue College of Design reached out asking permission to share it publicly as a piece on their social media. This was a great achievement as my second time featuring on their social media for my work as a student. I was proud obtain a high distinction outcome for the course of this typography 2 assessment, with focus on layout, typography, readability, creativeness and presentation.

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welcome page and editors letter in magazine
content page of magazine for billy blue
content page with ripped pages look
contributors page in magazine with imprint and photography
letter and typography article in magazine in Australia
photography feature page in magazine with collage
duo tone magazine article
cover page in magazine about designers
ripped page feature in conceptual magazine for uni assessment
magazine article about designer josh sobel
magazine article about designer todd watts
magazine article about designer kern Mistry

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