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Become a Child Protection Caseworker Campaign Graphic

When Department of Communities and Justice reached out to me for their caseworker recruitment campaign for both Aboriginal and general campaigns, they said they wanted it to be bold, inspiring, and unique. Something that stands out and not just the same old stock standard feel thyr had in the past. It’s always been my passion to bring my clients’ vision to life, so I happily took on this project. Plus, it’s so close to my heart and means so much to me as I was previously a caseworker too. The Dept. of Communities and Justice welcomed everyone to apply, all that matters is the commitment to keeping children and families together – happy and safe.


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The Department of Communities and Justice continuously focused on building stronger communities and working with Aboriginal people and communities, reflecting from the lessons learned from the past. I applied what I learned from our discovery call. I delved in and came up with what they wanted: something warm and welcoming, inspiring, eye-catching with a strong Aboriginal motif that has a culturally appropriate design. I made use of colors and elements that depicted life in its vibrance, symbols representing community and togetherness. It’s something reflective of their work culture and their goal of trying to get more people in to join the team – to have mob working with our kids and on the ground in community.

Become a Child Protection Caseworker Campaign Graphic

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Upon completion, the illustrations I made for Department of Communities and Justice were reflected immediately for the campaign. They were mostly visible through on their social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc., as this is the crucial touchpoint because things were going digital mostly nowadays. With the Australian job market currently offering various jobs to choose from, companies strive to stand out. The Department of Communities and Justice carefully planned the details – job descriptions, compensation, and the environment. It has been an honor to be able to support their campaign by designing a deadly campaign collateral that embodies their values as an organisation.

We would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land that we stand and live upon. The beautiful Country created throughout our Dreamtime over 70,000 thousands of years ago. We’d like to pay our respects to our Elders past, present and future emerging for they how the acknowledge, guidance and resilience of our people. We’d also like to extend our gratitude for the gifts our Mother Earth and Baiame’s creations – for our people, land, waters & sky. We would like to further this to all our First Nations clients, businesses, creatives and community members across all Nations within Australia.