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Cinderella Australian Ballet Brochure

Design Assessment for Billy Blue College of Design  |  2020
Aboriginal traditional artefact with orchid

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Uni Assessment
Duotone DL Brochure
Branding Collateral
October 2020
Aboriginal meeting circle icon for Leticia Anne Designs branding icons

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My initial design inspiration stemmed from the concept of Cinderella being surrounded by the wonders of magic and her magic experience of finding love. I was inspired by brochure designs that were able to had a contemporary feel through the use of lign work and san-serif fonts just hold a sense of elegance an beauty. I was also inspired by incorporating a bold colour due to the reference of the unexpected custom designs colour choices by J´me Kaplan for the production all with twist.

I decided on a PANTONE 223 C Pink and Black 6 C as during experimentation of duotone colour matches, it displayed with a sense of elegance, alongside mystery with the image choice on the cover. The 100% pink colour is bold and fun and unexpected for the choice of Cinderella opposed to the classically known blue. It was to push the norm and bring the twist to the forefront in the design considerations.

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We also developed mock ups digitally and on print at home to really delve in and explored paper stock. I decided that the Alpine Satin was most suitable for the finish I wanted. However due to the more lighter feel and texture, I’d explore the 170 gsm finish.

The Alpine Satin paper stock is also “made up from elemental chlorine free bleached pulp which is PEFC certified sourced from plantations and sustainably managed sources. It is A2 coated grade, offering excellent bulk and opacity. (Spicers Australia, n.d.)

Dancer Brochure design by Leticia Anne Designs
Trifold brochure with ballerinas by Leticia Anne Designs

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Aboriginal meeting circle icon for Leticia Anne Designs branding icons
Aboriginal art illustration of dots in different branding colours of Leticia Anne Designs representing journey